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9 to 5 inspiration - ships ahoy

The mighty pencil skirt is one item which I believe needs to appear at least once in every woman's wardrobe. As my 9 to 5 outfit below shows, the pencil skirt is a fabulous choice for the modern working woman, but it's options do not, and should not end there.
You can pair a pencil skirt with just about anything for any occasion. Last minute girls night out? Dinner with the lovah? Wedding? A perfect pencil skirt will tick all those boxes, and more. So you may be thinking, what makes the perfect pencil skirt?
It's quite simple really, it's all about the fit. You want your pencil skirt to fit comfortably at the mid-waist, firm enough to help create the streamlined silhouette synonymous with the pencil skirt, yet comfortable enough to tuck blouses in. Length is also key. The perfect pencil skirt should fall to your knees. A little above your knees is fine but unless you've got Megan Gale proportions stay away from anything longer than knee length, trust me this just leads to massive amounts of frump.
Once you've got your waist and length fits sorted then you all there's left to decide upon is colour, split and detail options. Colour; definitely go for black if you haven't got one yet, otherwise there are lots of fun bright options out at the moment to colour block with. Splits; side, front or the traditional back split are all options, they also range from modest to risqué in length. And finally detail; once again if it's your first pencil skirt go for minimal to no detail to ensure your skirt will stand the test of satirical time, or if you're adding to your collection something like the leather band featured on my pick below is a fun edgy detail.

9 to 5 inspiration - ships ahoy

Miss Selfridge polyester shirt
£39 -

Giuseppe Zanotti peep toe heels
$277 -

Leather frame bag
£28 -

Drop earrings
$50 -

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