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baby bump - mighty mustard

I've never been pregnant and so have never experienced all that goes with it, including morning sickness. If my history of melodramatic reactions to a case of PMS is anything to go by, I'm guessing that I'd get pretty darn cranky at my body during this time.
What I do know is how wonderfully cheery this mustard yellow blouse is! There can't possibly be a better way to turn the baby-brewing-blues around than by slipping this on, perfecting the pussy bow knot and proceeding to spend the afternoon giving in to every sweet craving as they come.

baby bump - mighty mustard

Red Herring Maternity maternity
£22 -

Red Herring Maternity maternity
£24 -

Ballet flat
$50 -

Shoulder handbag
80 AUD -

Samantha Wills turquoise earrings
$75 -

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