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baby bump - trusty tunic

I know that purse strings around the country are getting tighter and tighter as the cost of living rises, and I'm sure that if you're pregnant, the last thing you feel like spending more money on is a whole new wardrobe! Rest assured that this truly isn't necessary, and many items already in the your wardrobe can be used as your mini me grows inside the comfy cave you're so generously supplying.
Tunics, and this outfit, are a perfect example of everyday, "normal body" items being totally workable when you're up the duff. They're long enough to accommodate a growing waist line and by investing in a good pair of maternity pants such as the pair below you'll be able to match many tops already in your wardrobe to create different looks.
Thank goodness for the oversized trend, huh?!
baby bump - trusty tunic

Skinny jeans maternity
$75 -

Strap shoes
50 AUD -

Leather satchel bag
$60 -

15 AUD -

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