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florence garden party

florence garden party

151 AUD -

Navy pencil skirt
$56 -

ASOS high heel shoes
$86 -

Ted Baker flap bag
$110 -

Gathering Eye ring
$25 -

quote of the day

"A woman's dress should be like a barbedwire fence; serving it's purpose without obstructing the view."
- Sophia Loren

ruffle me up

While I say "loving right now" if we are going to get to the truth of the matter, I've been enamoured with all things ruffly for many years. There's just something so flirty and feminine about a ruffle detail, it can turn a simple form fitting dress into something that wows just with that extra flowing fabric. Ruffles are also great because you can incorporate just a touch of femininity into your outfit through a ruffled accessory, if you feel a ruffled skirt or dress is too much for your liking.
My ruffle advice? Avoid going crazy with ruffles all over, and instead stick to one statement piece, this will help maintain your shape and silhouette.

loving right now - ruffles

loving right now - ruffles

Nolita green knit dress
$156 -

Don t Ask Amanda dress
$90 -

Betsey Johnson underwire top
$104 -

Zimmermann low rise swimwear
190 AUD -

G by Guess ruffle romper
$50 -

Feather skirt
£10 -

BP. ivory sandals
$70 -

Clutch bag
$78 -

ASOS ruffle handbag
$43 -

I Miss Him Much! Frock - Frocks - Clothing
183 AUD -

quote of the day

"Fashion fades, style is eternal."
- Yves Saint Laurent

marrakech markets

marrakech markets

Jumpsuits and romper
£35 -

Oasis bangle bracelet
£18 -

Armani Exchange leather belt
$38 -

Jane Norman floppy beach hat
£7 -

focus on - friends of couture

I've had a love affair with the gorgeous brand and stores that is Friends Of Couture for many years now. I had been naive to it's endless pleasures until I changed jobs and discovered my first tastes of gorgeous vintage inspired street wear only two doors down from my office at the time. I found myself creating excuses to pop in over my lunch breaks or quickly after work to schmooze the sales racks and drool over the 50's dresses and divinely soft embroidered cardigans. My post below is just a slice of what the legends at Friends Of Couture offer every season. I make sure to get into one of their stores (only in Melbourne for now) at least once a season to drink up their huge in store collections which go well beyond what their website offers, especially when it comes to accessories.
This is what the team at Friends Of Couture have to say for themselves... “We take a lot of inspiration from classic and vintage pieces, feminine flirty features and strong femme fatale silhouettes intermix with bold colours and beautiful fabrics to create a strong signature style”.
So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Friends Of Couture website and just try not to fall in love, I dare you!

friends of couture

friends of couture

The Shining Dress | Friends Of Couture

manhattan nights

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