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tricky trend - wide legged jeans

After years of skin tight skinny jeans, a not-so-new contender has come forward to challenge them for the title of Hottest Denim - the Wide Legged Jean is back!
I really love this look for it's fun retro throwback and the added (and blessed) advantage of comfort coming back to demin wear.
Styling wide legged jeans has it's challenges but really is pretty easy peasy. The only trick is to get your mind as far away from your skinny jean looks as humanly possible. Long layering is out and the focus is back on the waist. This point is key - you must accentuate your waist when wearing this style or else succumb to the no shape blues. There are alternative ways to style this look depending on your body shape, but more specifically, your height.
Petites (vertically challenged ladies, like myself!) - You need to avoid looking like you're drowning in fabric so keep up top as form fitting as you're comfortable with. A body suit or waist cinched blouse is perfect. You can keep your look retro by going for a dark rinse and pairing them with some wood stacked platforms. Or keep it modern with a lighter wash and some peep toe wedges, as seen below. Seeing your toes peeking out from underneath the hem of your jeans gives the illusion of length. Make sure to keep the jeans low rise too, the high waist look just ain't going to work for us shorties!
Taller gals - This trend was practically made for you so there aren't many ways you can go to wrong with the wide legged look. Be brave, elongate your legs even further by trying a high waisted style and tuck in your favourite camisole or jersey top and pair with some ballet flats for a laid back look. I've gone for a bit of a nautical theme below. I'm loving those wedged boat shoes and did you spot the necklace bargain?
This look really has been returning on the catwalks for years now but it's finally hitting the mainstream shops with amazing ranges of cuts, washes and styles to choose from. If you've got the money get two pairs and have one tailored for flats and the others tailored for heels. Whatever you do, just make sure they're not too long - there's nothing worse than seeing fraying hemmed jeans!

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