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sale alert! ksubi shades

Ksubi have been rocking the world of high street wear for years and have secured a position of total domination in this market. They are set to continue this trend with the release of their new collection of eyewear for both women and men. I'm of the particular belief that most of the range is totally wearable and easily unisex.
The collection is fun but still edgy, on trend yet still individual i.e. ticking all the boxes for me.
Now to the sale part: are you a member of Thread People? If not go get clicking and sign up to get access to their continual plethora of amazing members only discounts. If you're a member of Thread People you can pick up a pair of these amazing shades from as little as $87.00 which is exactly how much you'll pay for my pick of the bunch - the "ATIK floral blue" pair seen below (top right). Such a sweet vintage touch.
You might be thinking $87.00 is a lot to shell out for shades (and it's not even summer!) but rest assured that you'd be making an investment in quality. This new range are all made with 'unbreakable' gradient lenses, Japanese steel and Italian acetate. And just have a look at the original RRP they've been discounted down from!

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