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tricky trend - animal instinct

Animal print has been making a major comeback for a while now and if you're still not convinced or are still  re-living the horrors of the 90's animal prints, I've got some news for you; this trend isn't going away anytime soon. It can be a tricky trend as there is a certain skill to wearing any sort of animal print with class and style. Unfortunately, it's all too easy to go overboard and head straight to Territory Trash. And no one wants to visit Trash Town (capital city of Territory Trash, didn't you know) not even for a moment! Animal print really is a playful style, so more than anything you should have fun with it. There are two streets to go down with the new take on this sultry style; you can play it up or you can play it down. How do I do that? you may ask. Here's my two takes on the animal print trend, explained.

Play It Up - This is all about making the animal print the statement of your outfit, but not the only element. Has a leopard print dress caught your eye in the shops recently but you've convinced yourself that a) you couldn't pull it off, b) you don't have anything to accessorise it with, c) it wouldn't suit you or d) all of the above? Well I encourage you to play up this trend which really can work for everyone of all ages and sizes. Try on lots of different styles and shapes until you find a dress that fits you well and you like yourself in. Or maybe it's a statement top or pants, anything works. Then add bright accessories to keep it fun and modern. I personally love to pair leopard print with a bright fire engine red, but bright blues, purples even the right yellow all work just as well.

Play It Down - Firstly, choose a simple base outfit in preferabbly all the one dark colour, then add touches of animal print elements. Perhaps you want to pair your favourite skinny black jeans with a plain singlet, or maybe you've got a great little tunic like the one from Witchery seen below? Whatever it is make sure you're super comfortable and the shades are dark, this will ensure the prints "pop" against the background you've provided.

Please note that in the examples seen below I would choose one or two items to play the animal print up or down with, not the whole collection! But you knew that, you clever minx, didn't you.

The 'must-have' to go with absolutely any animal print item? Confidence! If you don't think you can pull it off, that's probably what your face is saying too, and your body language. So go on, get out there and strut your stuff and walk on the wild side!

So what do you think?
Are you loving the resurgence of this wild trend? or are you yet to be convinced?

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