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quote of the day

"Style is primarily a matter of instinct."
- Bill Blass 

baby bump - trusty tunic

I know that purse strings around the country are getting tighter and tighter as the cost of living rises, and I'm sure that if you're pregnant, the last thing you feel like spending more money on is a whole new wardrobe! Rest assured that this truly isn't necessary, and many items already in the your wardrobe can be used as your mini me grows inside the comfy cave you're so generously supplying.
Tunics, and this outfit, are a perfect example of everyday, "normal body" items being totally workable when you're up the duff. They're long enough to accommodate a growing waist line and by investing in a good pair of maternity pants such as the pair below you'll be able to match many tops already in your wardrobe to create different looks.
Thank goodness for the oversized trend, huh?!
baby bump - trusty tunic

Skinny jeans maternity
$75 -

Strap shoes
50 AUD -

Leather satchel bag
$60 -

15 AUD -

loving right now - polka dots

While I'm not adverse to a good old polka dot during the colder months, there is something about Spring and polka dots that just go together so well. Perhaps it's because they go so brilliantly with floaty day dresses? I don't exactly know why the connection is so strong, but then again, I don't really care!
Polka dots aren't exactly a major trend this upcoming season, but I've been seeing a lot of them nonetheless. A possible reason could be due of the hordes of vintage vibes seen at recent A/W 11/12 runway collections, this is the upside of essentially being a season behind the European market; "micro trends" can often be picked up by local designers here in Australia so we get a tasty preview of what's to come.
Anywho, back to the adorable polka dot! I've had a long love affair with this print and the young, fun and retro vibe  it brings to the table which I find impossible to ignore. So, whether it be via a fifties inspired full skirted dress, some patterned stockings, or with some towering heels; this Spring, get your dot on.
loving right now - polka dots

Trelise Cooper polka dot summer dress
$429 -

Dot dress
190 AUD -

TopShop tee shirt dress
$60 -

Polka dot top
$56 -

Miss Selfridge viscose shirt
£7 -

Alice In The Eve pleated shorts
$70 -

Quiksilver tiered mini skirt
$31 -

Commando knit tight
$32 -

White shoes
$73 -

High heel shoes

Monsoon polka dot bag
£18 -

Jane Norman metallic jewelry
£5 -

Headbands hair accessory
31 AUD -

$3.66 -

festival fun - texas timekeeper

It's the last day of Winter, hallelujah!
Springtime sees the arrival of the official music festival season, and it seems like every year there are more and more to choose from. In September alone, Australia will host a number of festivals from the small and regional; the Wollombi Music Festival will be held on September 17th, to the huge national variety; the Parklife Festival will start it's tour across the country in Melbourne on September 24th.
There are also major music festivals happening all over the world, practically every weekend. El Paso, Texas will host it's first major music festival; The Sun City Music Festival this weekend where it's forecast to be a balmy 37 degrees. Sun City has a pretty rad line-up and I've been daydreaming about what I'd wear if I got whisked off to Texas for the weekend. (I know, I've got a pretty wild imagination at times!)
I'd be protecting my mug from sun damage with this gorgeous bright floppy hat, finding a pair of stand-out and comfortable flat sandals such as the delightfully bright blue pair below and getting my hands on a fun wrist watch to make sure I don't miss out on seeing all my favourite acts.
Are you excited for the arrival of Spring?
Do you have any plans to go to a music festival this Spring/Summer?
festival fun - texas timekeeper

Feather top
45 AUD -

One Teaspoon short shorts
$100 -

Zigi Soho blue sandals
$15 -

Jane Norman cross body shoulder bag
£15 -

Nixon crystal jewelry
$100 -

Miss Selfridge enamel earrings
£6.50 -

Floppy hat
$50 -

quote of the day

"A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes."
- Vera Wang

dancing queen - urban animal

Dressing for a night out can be the most fun that is to be had with our wardrobes and shopping for a night on the tiles is exciting because of the endless options at our fingertips. It's a great time to show off your personality while exploring new trends and taking more chances that you would for a trip to the supermarket. The tiger inspired print of this adorable mini dress has just stolen my heart for the morning. I've seen a lot of dresses lately with a cut-out back design and I think this is such an unexpectedly sexy part of your body to flash some skin. I was inspired by the earthy richness of the orange and so paired it will wooden, tribal inspired jewellery. Alternatively, you could tone it down with some minimal metals. Have you got plans to go out on the town this weekend? Do you know what you're going to wear?
dancing queen - urban animal

High heel shoes 140 AUD -
Marni leather clutch handbag £255 -
Beading jewelry $50 -
Beaded bangle $20 -
Wooden bangle $40 -

weekend warrior - you can take me anywhere

Sometimes, the wardrobe choices we make when we first pry ourselves out of bed can influence the kind of day that will follow. For example; I have noticed that when the underwear gods align and I have a matching set to wear, a great day usually follows. Similarly, pencils skirts and pussy-bow blouses signal a day at the office and at the other end of the spectrum baggy tracksuits and the boyfriend's band tee shirts usually points to poor physical or mental health. Today's weekend outfit inspiration is the type that I'd put on and excitedly await the adventures to come. Whether it be a picnic with your loved one, lunch with your girlfriends or afternoon tea with your nan, this will take you there and then some. I know I'll be making the most of the last of the cooler weather the only way I know how - by rocking some sumptuously soft knits while I still can.
weekend warrior - you can take me anywhere

Knit top $130 -
Purple pleated skirt $60 -
Rue21 buckle shoes $27 -
Zara mini bag $50 -
Sabre Vision glass shades $140 -

quote of the day

"Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous but it is how people dress on their days off that are the most intriguing."
- Alexander Wang

9 to 5 inspiration - shift it up a gear

Take your standard work-wear look up a notch by pairing a beautifully tailored shift dress with some unexpected colours and textures. Silk with lace? Totally unpredictable and yet somehow, completely wearable.

9 to 5 inspiration - shift it up a gear

quote of the day

"It is not money that makes you well dressed, it is understanding."
- Christian Dior

parading in panama

Mixing prints is officially the trickiest trend of the season and you can expect to hear much more about this from me in the weeks to come. For now, enjoy this little teaser demonstrating how florals and animal prints can actually work together to create epic fierceness. The trick here is not to put these opposing prints right next to each other. Don't believe me? Keep scrolling for the beautiful example Rachel Bilson gave us earlier in the week with her gorgeous leopard pumps and sweet as pie floral blouse.
parading in panama

Printed top $20 -
Alice In The Eve lace mini skirt $80 -
Luichiny platform wedge $85 -
Crossbody handbag $70 -
Samantha Wills turquoise earrings $75 -

The gorgeous Ms Bilson shows us how it's done
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