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baby bump - comfy colours

Calling all mummies-to-be! Do you have fun dressing your evolving body shape through pregnancy or become frustrated that you old favourites are no longer an option? Did you know that TopShop do maternity wear? There's no need to spend a fortune on a speciality nine-month-only-wardrobe, my advice would be to invest in a few key pieces like these maternity jeans, or gorgeous colour blocking top to keep you feeling fresh and fabulous through this exciting period in your life.

baby bump - comfy colours

$80 -

Knit maternity
$76 -

Topshop maternity
$56 -

Black pointed toe flat
$56 -

TopShop bangle bracelet
$40 -

TopShop stud earrings
$12 -


  1. for me it wasn't even a 9 month wardrobe - I think I only needed maternity clothes for about 3 months! Jeans/pants are the biggest must and they are the only thing you really struggle to fit into. I could still do my jeans up at 5 1/2 months but when I sat down it pressed on the belly and was pretty uncomfy.

    I was also luck in that most of my 'bigness' was during summer so I could get away with wearing my old babydoll dresses or a baggy top with leggings. I don't think I bught many maternity clothes at all. Though i don't know what Id do if i had a bump over winter. I'd hate to buy a jacket just for that short time. Maybe I could get away with giant jumpers!

    The hardest thing was dressing for special occassions as i really didnt want to buy something that i couldnt wear again.

  2. This is definitely my most challenging area of fashion styling as I've never had personal experience i.e. I've never been pregnant!
    I had thought that pants/skirts etc would be the more essential area of your wardrobe to update, so thanks for confirming.
    Special occasions would be difficult, perhaps dresses in a loose tunic style would work before and after baby or those with an empire line (under the bust).


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