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festival fun - wishful thinking

Warning: The following may or may not be a thinly veiled whine at a certain blogger's boyfriend.
The national Parklife tour begins in Melbourne this Saturday, stopping by Perth this Sunday and travelling around the major cities in the weeks to come. Featuring a plethora of exciting seasoned and up-and-coming dance groups, such as Gossip, Duck Sauce, Katy B and The Ashton Shuffle, it's sure to be a party to remember. I've been banging on and on about how much I want to go for what seems like months now.
Sentences such as; "How good is the Parklife line up?!", "Don't you think Parklife is the perfect way to celebrate the start of Spring?!" and "Waaaaah!! I want to go to Parklife!!" have been coming fast and frequently from my mouth in recent weeks but alas, no nod of approval has been received and no tickets have been purchased.
In some perplexing combination of rebellion and spite, here I have for you a festival outfit inspiration. Sure, it's not even forecast to reach the high teens, but I don't care. This is what I would wear and I'd dance my little ass off all day long to keep warm if I had to.
Sure it's a hugely eclectic selection, but that's what festivals are all about; having fun, making unexpected choices and doing things you wouldn't do on a "normal day", like making new friends in the line to the port-a-loo. Oh, and how perfect are the pleated "skorts" below for a day like this?! Sitting on the grass cross legged without flashing any lady parts? Priceless.
festival fun - parklife wishful thinking

Cropped shirt

Alice In The Eve pleated skirt
$70 -

60 AUD -

Gathering Eye shoulder bag
$40 -

Metal ring
$28 -

Peacock jewelry
£2 -

Super sunglasses
$170 -

Update: Oh wow!! I was surprised last night with VIP tickets, I'm so super excited and I was so incredibly shocked and surprised. Squeeee!!!


  1. Great post! I love those blue shorts!

  2. Those blue babies are a bit of a Spring must-have hey :) Thanks for stopping by Mandy!


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