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festival fun - boho odyssey

There is no better time or excuse to unleash your inner tree-huggin'-hippy than the blessed outdoor music festival. Just ask Sienna Miller who practically created the boho look and subsequent trend at Glastonbury Festival a few years back.
What's great about this style is it's relaxed and earthy nature which equals instant chic comfortability.
So what's the festival that's got my attention this week? It's the Odyssey Day Festival being held this Saturday, September 10th at Perry Park in Sydney. Here's what the organisers have to say:
"For those sick of Sydney clubland with its overpacked clubs, aggressive security and bland music policies, an alternative has arrived! Join us for a FREE relaxing afternoon in Perry Park, Alexandria for the first Odyssey Day Festival! Featuring a mish mash of local musicians performing/spinning dubstep, downbeat disco, deep house and a smidgen of funk!"
Certainly sounds like my idea of a great time and while the weather isn't exactly set to sizzle in Sydney on Saturday, it is forecast to be clear and sunny. So whip out your little boho dress (or click through to get this one now from, with their super-fast delivery you'll have it at home right on time) and head on down for a free day of dancing in the park.
festival fun - boho odyssey

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