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weekend warrior - don't sing the blues

Stay stylishly warm and comfortable this weekend with a printed sweater. A fully buttoned shirt peeking from beneath will give you added hipster cred, throw in some modern jewellery and hot to trot ankle booties and you'll be looking as sweet as sugar.

weekend warrior - don't sing the blues

Quiksilver block top
$108 -

Dorothy Perkins bright blue jeans
£25 -

£10 -

ASOS suede boots
$112 -

Wooden jewelry
$60 -

GALA Curios pyramid jewelry
120 AUD -


  1. I love the Boots. Are they comfy?

  2. Hey Mel, they're pretty awesome hey?! I bought a very similar pair in a lighter tan variety from Wittner earlier this season and they're so comfy I wear them to work quite often without regret. Wedge heels are always the comfiest option in heel land.

  3. Here's a link to the pair I've got which I just happen to be wearing right now. They're on sale now too :)


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