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hot off the press - topshop store for australia

Squeee! I've heard rumblings about this for what seems like centuries and now finally we have confirmation; TopShop's first stand alone Australian store is set to open it's doors in Melbourne in December.
The 1300 square meter store is going to nestle in perfectly in it's Jam Factory, Chapel Street location and Hilton Seskin, chairman of Next Athleisure, the company that secured the franchise rights to TopShop has confirmed that the store will be similar in terms of stock and the services provided, such as personal styling.
“I think we could hopefully deliver what TopShop is very successful for – being cheap in fashion, and delivering what the consumer really wants,” he said.
If you're a big TopShop fan like myself then you'll know it's been the place to go (online) for years for super current, super cute and super affordable fashion finds. If your a fan and currently crying into your keyboard because, alas, you don't live in Melbourne, there's hope for you yet. Seskin has commented that there are hopes to have another store opened in Sydney next year. "All the major cities are definitely going to be on the agenda over the next few years. We’re looking for the right environment, the right precincts to open in. Basically we’re looking for some iconic spaces.”
Australia is 32nd on the list of countries that have welcomed the British retailer with open arms and despite the current difficult retail environment Seskin is sounding confident. “The retail environment is tough but I think the opportunity is now. There is a huge demand for the brand, and with this demand we think Topshop will do very well.”
I've personally loved buying TopShop items online for years and you'll notice items from their collections appearing in many of my outfit inspirations, but I am practically hyperventilating at the very thought of all the racks, the change rooms and the huge variety that I'll be able to soak up with every sense possible.

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